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Welcome to Wanna Know Glitches, the greatest collection of glitches about the Pokemon games.


To view glitches about the Pokemon games, select Glitches pages in the Navigation area at the left, and then select the game you wish to view.

Update: Pokemon Crystal glitches are now available here. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are next...


Pearl and Diamond


Pokemon Pearl and Diamond are coming soon to the market! Can't wait to find them glitches...




Feeling like contributing? Go to the Submissions page to submit your glitch for a Pokemon game. Don't worry - you will be credited!


Which explorer do you use?


I used Internet Explorer a very, very long time until I realized I couldn't go with it anymore. It's really slow, it doesn't load the pages correctly and even displays "The page can't be shown" even you're connected to internet. I decided to change of explorer, and that's when I found Mozilla Firefox, which is one thousand times better than Internet Explorer. I recommend to everybody this explorer, because is faster, better and greater than old IE. What are you waiting for? Free download is waiting here.


Fan art section


Now there's a Fan art section in the site -- just go to Miscellaneous, and then choose Fan art. To submit something for "Fan art", follow the rules here.




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