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Pokemon Crystal glitches

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Story of the Pokemon Crystal game
After Nintendo released Pokemon Gold and Silver, no much later a game called Pokemon Crystal appeared. The story was the same, but the only difference was that Suicune was more present in the storyline. Also, a new Battle Tower was added.
Another difference was the Unown mistery. In the Gold and Silver games, the Unown part was short, however, Nintendo added riddles to the Unown games, making one think where did they come from.
The game wasn't that succesful. Because of this, Nintendo started to work in their next games, Ruby and Sapphire.
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Plot of the Pokemon Crystal game
You're a boy/girl from New Bark Town, who decides to help Prof. Elm. However, you like the adventure and decide to go for the complete adventure, going to all the Pokemon Gyms, getting into fights, etc.
You eventually get into Red, the world's best trainer, and beat it. Then, the game ends.
I'm still working on this game, and soon will be ready.

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