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Pokemon Gold and Silver glitches

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Story of the Pokemon Gold and Silver games
After the first trilogy, Red, Blue and Yellow, Nintendo released, after three years, Pokemon Gold and Silver, whose storyline also takes place three years after Red/Blue/Yellow. They actually take place after Yellow, however, some things from Red/Blue appear here.
The story is in a whole new different country, named Johto. They are eight Gyms there, and after winning all, one could get to Kanto (Red/Blue/Yellow's country), to fight the Pokemon League there.
After winning the League the player can visit all Kanto, and beat the Gyms there. After the player beats them, he can fight the trainer from Red/Blue/Yellow, called Red (most commonly known as Ash).
After Gold/Silver, Crystal appeared, with the same story line, but with a few minor changes. Gold/Silver/Crystal were the last games to be for a GameBoy Color. All the rest, until FireRed/Leagreen, were for GameBoy Advance.
Nintendo thought that these games were going to be perfect, and don't have any glitch. Man, they were absolutely wrong...
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                  Pokemon Gold                                 Pokemon Silver
Plot of the Pokemon Gold and Silver games
You are a boy from New Bark Town, who is asked by Prof. Elm from your town to go for an item for him. He gives you a Pokemon so you can protect from wild Pokemon. When you go for the item it results to be a Mystery Egg. Oak appears and he gives you a Pokedex. When Oak exits the house, Elm calls you and says that a Pokemon was stolen from his lab. While returning to Elm's lab a boy appears and asks for a battle with Pokemon. After the battle, he runs away.
When you return to the lab, a policeman is getting information about the robbery, and he tells you that the person who stole the Pokemon is the one you had the battle with. Then you can choose his name. You give the Egg to Elm and you show him the Pokedex, and he tells you that you must fight all the Pokemon gyms now that you're a trainer.
Across the game you will fight your rival (the thief), in your adventure. After defeating all the gyms from Johto (your country), you can go to the Pokemon League that is in Kanto (original Red/Blue/Yellow country). After winning the League, you can access all Kanto and go to the Gyms there.
After getting all the badges from the gym, you can fight with Red, the original Yellow's trainer. When you beat him, the game ends.
Total glitches
These games contain, in total, 4 errors or glitches.
They contain 2 programming errors.
They contain 2 graphic errors.
This page has 1 glitch with image.
Glitches articles
Glitch country contributed by dricenticore
Type of error: Programming error
No more glitch city from Pokemon Red and Blue. Now is the turn for Glitch country. Ok, make sure you have the Coin Case. Go to Vermilion City in Kanto, and talk to the Machamp of the old man. After that, check your Coin Case. Your game will reset, and all the colors of the game will be weird until your next reset.
House changes color (No picture yet)
Type of error: Graphic error
Go to the north entrance of Ruins of Alph. See that the house is pink. Enter the hosue and then enter Ruins of Alph. The same house has changed color - it's now white.
Mountain moves place (No picture yet)
Type of error: Graphic error
It's very like the "House changes color" glitch - just go to the north entrance of Ruins of Alph. Look to the mountain that is at the right of the house. Remember its position according to the house. Now enter Ruins of Alph through the house and look at the mountain: it's in a different place according to the house position.
That's not the mountain! (No picture yet)
Type of error: Graphic error
Another glitch about Ruins of Alph. If you notice, we can see the first mountain that contains the chamber of Ruins of Alph from Violet City. It's in the left-down corner of the city, near to the Gym. Ok - that is supossed to be the first chamber. However, the mountain we see at the north entrance of Ruins of Alph it's also supossed to be the first chamber. Impossible! Those are two separated mountains supossed to be the same? No way!
Count the steps from the "supossed to be" first chamber seen from Violet. That is, get as close as you can to the chamber, then count the steps to the north until you can't advance more (due to the trees). Now go left until you see the north entrance. Count the steps going down and enter the Ruins of Alph (the house, since it takes 4 blocks, is considered to be four steps). Now compare the steps from south to north and from north to south. They absolutely don't match!
Clone Pokemon (No picture yet)
Type of error: Programming error
Save in front of a PC. Deposit any Pokemon, and go to Change Box. When it says "Saving... Don't", turn off the power. Now turn and enter your saved game. The Pokemon will be in your team, and in the PC. If you give an item to the Pokemon you're about to duplicate, the item will also be duplicated (the item will be in both Pokemon).

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