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Submissions can be done below. Just be sure to follow these rules:

Rules to follow to submit:

1. If you're going to submit a glitch, be sure it really works. You should have done it before before sending a new glitch.
2. Don't write the character's game. Everybody chooses a different name in the game, so it's wrong to say "In Ash's house" or "In Red's house," because not everybody has that name in the game. Please submit as second person point of view. For example, instead of writing "In Ash's house" submit "In your house."
3. Don't copy glitches from other sites. This is linked with rule 1. Many sites have false glitches, so be sure they work before sending them to be.
4. Start with a capital letter and end with a period. Follow the ortographic rules. It's easier for me to check what you have writen in that way.
5. Be sure the glitch is not already in the site. We don't want to have the same glitch twice in the site...
6. Choose a Type of Error, if you're sure what kind of glitch you have found. This is better for the organization of the site.
7. If you are submitting a question, be sure it makes sense. Most questions start with "How...?" or "Why...?". Also, submit a question only if you don't know what to do in your game, or how to obtain a secret.
8. If you are submitting a comment, be sure it's not irrelevant. I don't want to have comments as "This game is great," and that's it, in the site.
9. After writing the glitch/comment/question, be sure it looks OK, and then click in Sumbit. Be sure you followed ortographic rules.


1. Select the game you're submitting for:

2. What type of information are you going to put?

A new glitch for that game
A question for that game
A comment for that game

3. What type of glitch you're submitting?
Select only if you're submitting a glitch. Otherwise don't select anything.

Programming error
Graphic error
Sequence error
Text error
Sound error
Position error

4. Explain the glitch, question, or comment:
If you are submitting a glitch, explain how did you find it. If you are submitting a question, explain it very clearly. If you are submitting a comment, also explain it very clearly. The "Title" is just what you want the name of the glitch to be. And if it's a question or comment, you can put them a title too. Eg. "What do I do?".




5. Personal details (optional)
If you want yourself to be credited, just fill these text boxes:

Your name or nickname:

Your e-mail adress:
If your glitch is put in the site, I will write to you notifying you about it.


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