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Pokemon Yellow glitches

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This page contains glitches of the game Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition. Some of them may be applied for the games Pokemon Red and Blue.

Story of the Pokemon Yellow game
After the great success of Pokemon Red and Blue, Nintendo presented another version, called Pokemon Yellow. In the US, its name would be Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition. The difference between Yellow and Red/Blue were some, including that in Yellow you start with Pikachu. Also, this Pikachu wouldn't be inside a Pokeball but following you all the time, like a real person. Some drawings are different in this version, and some errors of Red/Blue were corrected.
Three years later after this game, Nintendo released Pokemon Gold and Silver, new versions of Pokemon. In those ones the player is in a new country, but it could return to the Pokemon Yellow/Blue/Red one, now with a name: Kanto. Also, the player could reach the trainer of Yellow, that in that time, is the best trainer of the world.
This game is known to be the "correction" of the glitches of Red and Blue. However, Nintendo didn't notice of all glitches.
Front image
                Pokemon Yellow
Plot of the Pokemon Yellow game
You're a boy from Pallet Town, who wants to be the best trainer ever. Prof. Oak is going to give you a Pokemon, Eevee, but your rival keeps it. So it gives you Pikachu, a Pokemon he caught in the wild. Pikachu doesn't stay in his Pokeball, he follows you all the time. Also, you can't evolve it, nor release it. You can talk with Pikachu to see how it feels. Your goal is to be the Pokemon League Champion, and to do that, you must beat your rival across the whole game.
Total glitches
This game contains, in total, 25 errors or glitches.
It contains 2 sequence errors.
It contains 7 graphic errors.
It contains 11 programming errors.
It contains 4 text errors.
It contains 1 position error.
Glitches articles
Ghost girl (No picture yet)
Type of error: Sequence error
This glitch is seen at the very beggining of the game. When you exit your house, go to the girl that says "I'm raising Pokemon too!",  Push her so she will go to the grass at the exit of Pallet Town. Then let Oak call you ("Hey, wait, don't go out!"). You'll traspass her as if she were a ghost.
Becuase the game has to move you, making a "sequence", you'll traspass her. A solution for this would be program that girl for her not to move so much (and just stay near your house).
Holes of grass... before grass (No picture yet)
Type of error: Graphic error
Go to the route that leads to the Pokemon League, that is at the left of Viridian City. There is a ledge above grass. Jump through the ledge and fall in the grass. If you notice, holes appear in your body before you even touch the grass.
Enter the Bike Route without a Bike
Type of error: Sequence error

Everybody knows that you need a Bike to enter the Bicycle route. However, if you didn’t get one, or if your Bike is stored in your PC, you can still enter. Enter the Bicycle route through any of the two gates. Walk in the most above, and when the man says that you can’t go through, keep pressing left. When he stops speaking, press left again. You will have passed the man, and you’ll go to the route and be in a Bike even if you don’t have one.




Why this happens? When you try to pass the man without a Bike, and you’re, for example, in the middle of the room, he has to call you. He says, “Excuse me!” and then the game controls you to him. However, because you’re passing in the most above, and you don’t need to be controlled to get to him, the game gets confused. It still controls you, but what way? Because you can’t go more up, how the game will move you more up (because it is programmed to move you up, or just control/move you)? When you press left, the game thinks it should move you to the left, and that’s why you can pass the man.


Trees and water... the same?

Type of error: Graphic error


Enter the Bike Route, and go to the most above. Keep going down, but then go up again. The trees transform in water, and vice versa!




Ditto's Glitch Move

Type of error: Programming error


Have with you a Ditto, and put it in the first position in your team. Go to Cerulean and then go through the Nugget Bridge, to the north. Go to the grass and walk until a Pidgey appears. Use Transform and transform into it. When it’s your turn again, put the cursor of the attacks in the first attack, and press Select. Then put the cursor in the second attack, and press select again. The moves will change the order. Now defeat the Pidgey. After this, Ditto will have a Glitch move, type Cooltrainer. PokeCenters don’t recover the PP of this attack, so be sure to have an Elixir, or something like that, to recover it.




Pass the Ghost without a Silph Scope

Type of error: Programming error


If you don’t know, when you want to run from a Pokemon, you can use a PokeDoll to do it. However, the programmers forgot something: the Ghost of Lavender Town. The only way you can escape from the Ghost is with a Silph Scope, they said. But if you use a PokeDoll, you will escape! You can advance through the game without ever going to see Giovanni, so he can gives you a Shilp Scope.




This has another effect. If you defeat Giovanni in the last Gym, you'll see he has good Pokemons. But if you go to Celadon and you go for the Silph Scope he'll have bad Pokemons again! This is like going back in time.


TM or HM?

Type of error: Text error


Select any HM from your Items, and select Use. When you are in the Pokemon screen, it will say "Use TM on which Pokemon?". Preety obvious, however, most people didn't notice it.




See the Ghost

Type of error: Programming error


Go to Lavender Town, and enter the Pokemon Tower without the Silph Scope. Walk around until a Ghost appear. When you're fighting, see the stats of one of your Pokemons, then return to the battle screen. You'll see a Ghost Pokemon (such as Gastly), but not the Ghost.




"All right then, Come again." (No picture yet)

Type of error: Text error


Go to the Day-Care Man who is near Cerulean City. Talk to him and say Yes to his answer, and in the screen of selecting Pokemon, press B. He'll say "All right then, Come again", when "Come" shouldn't have the cap. letter.

Why this happens? If you go to the Red and Blue glitches and see the glitch called "come again.", you'll see that, in those games, when answering No to his question he says "come again." without the cap. letter. Why? Because "come again" is a shared text. That text also displays when saying Yes to him and then pressing B, but with "All right then," before. He says "All right then, come again." The programmers made "come again" a shared text, and it also displays when saying No. It only displays "come again", making someone think they forgot the cap. letter.

In Yellow they put the cap. letter to "come", but since is a shared text it displays when saying No. He says "All right then, Come again". But in this case, the cap. letter is not needed.

A solution to this? Put the cap. letter to "Come", all right, and the other text put "All right then.", with the period. In that case, when selecting No he'll say "Come again", and when pressing B after Yes it will say, "All right then. Come again". Everybody's now happy.


Your chem? (No picture yet)

Type of error: Text error


Go to Lavender Town, then go to the route at the west. Follow it until you reach to the entrance of the Underground path. There's a trainer near there who is looking at the right. Let him see you, and he'll say "You look good at Pokemon, but how's your chem?". What is a chem? Actually, he's supposed to say "how's your chemistry grade?".


Glitch City

Type of error: Programming error


As you probably are thinking, there are many programming errors in these games. Well, this is not enough. There are many more. Let's take an example: The Glitch City.

Ok, make sure you have a Pokemon with Fly and another with Surf. Go to the Safari Zone in Fucsia City. Pay $500 to enter. When you enter, exit through the gate. The man will say "Leaving early?", and answer No. You'll enter again to the Safari Zone. After that, save your game, and turn off.

Turn on again, and select Continue. You'll find yourself again in the Safari Zone. Exit through the gate. This time, instead of getting the "Leaving early?" message, the man will say nothing. Try to leave and he'll give you the welcome to the Safari, even though you have already payed to get in.



When he asks you if you want to enter, say No. Leave the gate, and Fly to Cinnabar.

When you get, go to the right, and surf. Keep surfing in that Sea Route, until the message "Ding Dong! Time's up!" appears...

You'll appear again in the gate of the Safari Zone. Exit, and instead of getting to Fucsia, you'll be in Glitch City.



Stand in a bush (No picture yet)

Type of error: Position error


Cut a tree, and stand where the tree was. Save and reset. When you continue, you'll be standing in the bush.


Man dissapears (No picture yet)

Type of error: Programming error


Every time, when you enter a route/city/town, the people of the others dissapear. This can be seen when you leave Pallet Town going through the water in the south of the town. Check at the fat man near Oak's lab. When you enter the Sea Route and leave Pallet Town, the man will completely dissapear!


Clone Pokemon in a Link trade (No picture yet)

Type of error: Programming error


This trick requires two Game Boys and a Link Cable. Have the Pokemon to be cloned, for example, Mewtwo, and another Pokemon, for example, Pidgey. Do the trade. When the player receives the Pidgey, and the Game Boy dispalys "Waiting" shut the Game Boy off. After that, the other player (who has Mewtwo), should shut off the Game Boy when the message "Trade completed" appears. When the two turn on the Game Boy, they'll see that both have the Pokemon cloned, that is in this example, Mewtwo.


Be in an invisible grass (No picture yet)

Type of error: Graphic error


Go to Pallet Town, and exit through the grass at the north. Before you exit Pallet and enter Route 1, use Cut and cut the grass of Pallet, then exit the town. Enter Route 1, then return to Pallet. Notice that small holes appear in your body, like if you were in an invisible grass. Press Start and the grass will appear, but press B and the grass will dissapear.


"Good Luck" (No picture yet)

Type of error: Text error


Go to the Safari Zone, enter, and then try to exit. When the man asks you if you're leaving, say No. He'll say "Good Luck", when "Luck" shouldn't have the cap. letter.


Enter again to the SS Anne

Type of error: Programming error


Go to Vermilion City and try to enter the SS Anne. The man will say you that it's gone. Face the man, then press left. After that, press right and inmediatly press Start. Save and reset. When you continue, you should still be facing right (if you don't, try it again). Go to one of your Pokemons and use Surf. Instead of surfing to the right, you'll surf in the man (if you don't, I repeat, try again). Then press down, and down again to access again to the SS Anne.




Why, you must be thinking. Why did the programmers didn't notice about this? Well, it has a reason.

For reasons unknown, the programmers made that when you continue your game, your character will be facing down, as a default action. Well, since you press Start and save when you pressed right, you forced the game to keep you facing right. The game will show you facing right when you continue. However, because the game "thinks" that you're facing down, any action you do, the game will think you did it in the south direction. Since you surf to the right, and the game "thinks" you're facing down, the game surfs you down. That's why.


Turn grass into water

Type of error: Programming error


Do exactly what you did to enter again to the SS Anne, but now with the pillar of Pallet. That is, face the water and quickly save. Reset and continue, then use Surf. Surf down, then press up. Instead of grass, there will be a square of water.




Look at the left-top. There's water there.

You must be wondering "Why?". Well, each city/route has its "border", that is, an image repeat to fill space. In Pallet Town, the grass at the sides is the border. But in the Sea Route (below Pallet), its border is water. When you surf in the pillar you enter the Sea Route. The border information becomes water. So when you enter again Pallet, the new border you see is water. When you enter Pallet the border information becomes again grass, that's why the water transforms in grass again when you don't see it on the screen and then you see it again.


Catch Mew

Type of error: Programming error


The best thing to do would be to start over your game. Do not fight with the Youngster near Bill's house (Route 25), nor the trainer that is looking up at Route 8 below the Underground Path's house. When you get Fly, you'll be ready to do this glitch. Follow the next steps:

- Go to Route 8, and stand near the door of the Underground Path's house, looking down. It would be a good idea to save your game.



- Press down, and quickly press Start. As you see, the trainer below is seeing you but his "sight" was "intrerrupted" by the Start menu.



- Go to Pokemon, then choose the Pokemon with Fly, and Fly to Cerulean City.



- The trainer sees you, but you fly away...



- When you arrive to Cerulean, your Start won't work. Go acroos the Nugget Bridge, and find the Youngster who is seeing up near Bill's house.



- Let him see you walking to you (if he doesn't, the game will freeze). After the fight with his Slowpoke, your Start will work again. Fly to Lavender.



- Go right and try to enter Route 8 again.



- As soon as you enter, your menu will pop up.



- Press B to exit your menu...

- And a battle animation will appear. From nowhere, Mew will appear at level 7.



This, apparently, is the only glitch to make Mew appear. There are reasons of why the glitch exists. White Cat's page can explain you why it works. Also, if you read his page, you will find that you can use this glitch to get all Pokemons in the game. Just follow the steps he gives.


Trees and water... the same, again? (No picture yet)

Type of error: Graphic error


Go to Fuscia City, and go to the most lower-left. See that the most left are trees. Now go to the other side (where the entrance of the Bike route is). And see where the trees should be. There is water! Some people think that after the water are the trees, but if you notice that's false. Look, in Fucsia you can see some flowers that are in the same column of the trees, and at the other side you can still see that column, so you should be able to see the trees, but there is water.


Walk with a fainted Pokemon

Type of error: Programming error


Have a fainted Pokemon with you. Deposit all the others in Bill's PC. Now you will have a fainted Pokemon with you, and you can walk with it, however, no more than 3 steps. But you can do a linked battle with it...




Not always the game detects that you're only with a fainted Pokemon, it happens in certian time. That's why the game is late to detect that you're without useable Pokemon. This was fixed in Gold/Silver/Crystal.


Gary of the past (No picture yet)

Type of error: Programming error


Don't go to SS Anne. Instead, have someone to trade Cut to you. After you advance through the game, and reach Gary with good Pokemons, go to the SS Anne and you'll find Gary there, but he has bad Pokemons now!


Bill's mountain without border (No picture yet)

Type of error: Graphic error


When you enter Bill's house, look at the back of his house. You'll see a mountain that has no front border.


Mountain without border at the river (No picture yet)

Type of error: Graphic error


After visiting Bill, go to the shortcut to Cerulean (below his house). Now, when you're about to enter the Nugget Bridge again, before the pillars, be exactly at the left of the mountain. See at the below-right corner of the screen. You'll clearly see that there is mountain at the river, but no border of it.


Magic trees at the back of the Gym (No picture yet)

Type of error: Graphic error


Go to the north gate of Saffron, but don't enter it. Go all the way right. There are some pillars, and you can see that at the back of Saffron's Gym there is nothing. Now go and enter the door of the Gym. Before the screen turns black, see that now there are trees. They appeared from nowhere.

Do you know any glitch that isn't in this page? Send it to me now! Go to the Submissions page to submit a new glitch. Don't worry - I'll give you credit for the glitch you send me!
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